<p align="justify">Effective translation services involve much more than simply translating one language into another. In fact, translating comprises only one part of the translation process. Another critical portion involves localization services. Put simply, language localization involves modifying websites, software, and content to more specifically suit people from different cultures and locations. People throughout the world may speak the same language, for example, but nuances of that language can vary widely depending upon where the population is located and their different cultures.
Localization Services
<p align="justify"><h3>Website localization</h3> <p align="justify">Our translation experts ensure that your business website is culturally appropriate and easily usable by your target audience. Our website localization professionals thoroughly review your existing site and web applications, and work with you to make changes that create the most effective website possible for your business.<p align="justify"><h3>Software localization</h3> <p align="justify">Our technical staff will make certain that your software – including your user interface, graphics, and help screens – communicate in the most effective way possible with your end users. Thanks to our software localization experts, your software will be easily used by customers from around the world.<p align="justify"><h3>Content localization</h3> <p align="justify">As important as it is to modify your website and software to make them more culturally appropriate and user friendly for your target audience, content localization is equally important. Your “content” may include technical documentation, marketing or promotional materials, packaging, instructions, or language that might appear on a physical product.<p align="justify"> The 21st century business environment is extremely competitive. At MI Translations, we believe in giving our clients all the advantages possible to help them succeed in our global marketplace.<br/></br>
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