Desktop Publishing

<p align="justify">DTP (desktop publishing) includes the processes involved in making a document “camera ready” for publication. Desktop publishers usually work with programs that are designed to give graphic designers and layout specialists all the tools they need to put the finishing touches on documents prior to publication. DTP also refers to the act of reproducing an original document -- including images -- exactly as it was to begin with, but with text that is translated into the target language. Here are a few examples of programs we typically work with, although this is not a complete list by any means:
• InDesign<br /> • Illustrator<br /> • Photoshop<br /> • CorelDRAW<br /> • PowerPoint & Keynote<br /> • Flash<br /> • FrameMaker & PageMaker<br /> • QuarkXPress<br /> • Microsoft Publisher
Desktop Publishing Services
<p align="justify">Whether your document will be published as a hard copy, or simply published online, it’s important to present it in the most professional way possible. When a document is translated, DTP services involve other nuances – such as utilizing standard word hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation practices for the language involved. Our desktop publishers also ensure the accuracy of special characters and symbols that may vary greatly from one language to another. <p align="justify"> At MI Translations, we are pleased to offer desktop publishing services to our clients. We understand that the appearance of your publication is a reflection of your company. Your documents should be appropriate for your industry, as well as for the current and potential customers who will be reading your publications. That’s why we believe that DTP services are so important for our clients.<br/><br>
<center><i> For more information about the desktop publishing services offered by MI Translations, contact us today. </i></center><br/>
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