Translation Services

Thanks to the Internet and instant communication methods, business in the 21st century truly is a global endeavor. That is why professional translation services are so important, no matter what size business you may have or what industry you are in. Accurate and precise translations can mean the difference between your company’s success and failure. At MI Translations, we know that our success depends on your success. That’s why we always make our clients and their needs our top priority.

Our Translation Process

Quality translations are not possible without a thorough, time-tested process. At MI Translations, our process involves the following steps:

What Exactly is Quality Translation?

Quality language translation is not something you’ll find with an automatic online tool or a translation software product. For the best quality translations possible, you’ll need native speakers who understand the cultural differences and nuances in language that only they can provide. You’ll need the services of a professional translation agency you can trust and rely upon. At MI Translations, we understand what quality translation is all about, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Why MI Translations?

There are several qualities you should look for in a professional translation company, and we are pleased to offer these advantages to our valued clients:

Knowledge - First and foremost, in the translation business is knowledge. Our professional linguists are native speakers, and we offer translation services for over 100 languages.

Partnership - You’re not just a client, you are our business partner. That’s how we view each and every client relationship we have. We prove that with the consistency of what we deliver – the highest quality translation services available today, at a reasonable price, delivered on time.

Commitment - At MI Translations, we are committed to your success. We provide you with the services you need, when you need them, including certified translators, notarized translations, transcription services, and more.

Human Translations for Over 100 Languages

Don’t rely on inadequate translation software for your business. At MI Translations, we provide our clients with high quality translations that only experienced, qualified, human linguists can provide. We are pleased to provide translations in over 100 languages, including:

  • Afrikaans Translation

  • Albanian Translation

  • Amharic Translation

  • Arabic Translation

  • Armenian Translation

  • Azerbaijani Translation

  • Balochi Translation

  • Basque Translation

  • Belarusian Translation

  • Bengali Translation

  • Bhojpuri Translation

  • Bulgarian Translation

  • Burmese Translation

  • Cantonese Translation

  • Catalan Translation

  • Chinese Translation

  • Croatian Translation

  • Czech Translation

  • Danish Translation

  • Dari Translation

  • Dogri Translation

  • Dutch Translation

  • Dzongkha Translation

  • Estonian Translation

  • Farsi Translation

  • Fijian Translation

  • Filipino Translation

  • Finish Translation

  • Flemish Translation

  • French Translation

  • Fur Translation

  • Georgian Translation

  • German Translation

  • Greek Translation

  • Gujarati Translation

  • Haitian Creole Translation

  • Hebrew Translation

  • Hiligaynon Translation

  • Hindi Translation

  • Hungarian Translation

  • Ibanag Translation

  • Icelandic Translation

  • Ilocano Translation

  • Indonesian Translation

  • Italian Translation

  • Japanese Translation

  • Kannada Translation

  • Karen Translation

  • Kazakh Translation

  • Khmer Translation

  • Kikuyu Translation

  • Kinyarwanda Translation

  • Konkani Translation

  • Korean Translation

  • Kurdish Translation

  • Kyrgyz Translation

  • Lao Translation

  • Latin Translation

  • Latvian Translation

  • Lingala Translation

  • Lithuanian Translation

  • Maasai Translation

  • Macedonian Translation

  • Maithili Translation

  • Malagasy Translation

  • Malay Translation

  • Malayalam Translation

  • Maori Translation

  • Marathi Translation

  • Mongolian Translation

  • Ndebele Translation

  • Nepali Translation

  • Northern Sotho Translation

  • Norwegian Translation

  • Papiamento Translation

  • Pashto Translation

  • Persian Translation

  • Polish Translation

  • Portuguese Translation

  • Punjabi Translation

  • Romanian Translation

  • Russian Translation

  • Sanskrit Translation

  • Serbian Translation

  • Shona Translation

  • Sinhala Translation

  • Siswati Translation

  • Slovak Translation

  • Slovenian Translation

  • Somali Translation

  • Spanish Translation

  • Swahili Translation

  • Swedish Translation

  • Tagalog Translation

  • Taiwanese Translation

  • Tajik Translation

  • Tamil Translation

  • Tatar Translation

  • Thai Translation

  • Tonga Translation

  • Tsonga Translation

  • Tswana Translation

  • Turkish Translation

  • Turkmen Translation

  • Ukrainian Translation

  • Urdu Translation

  • Uzbek Translation

  • Venda Translation

  • Vietnamese Translation

  • Welsh Translation

  • Wolof Translation

  • Yiddish Translation

  • Yoruba Translation

  • Zulu Translation
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