Document Transcription

<p align="justify">Document transcription involves converting one form of a written document – such as a fax, handwritten material, or a PDF file, for example -- into a written document that is in some widely acceptable format, such as Word. Not every translation company offers this service, which is why we are pleased to transcribe text for our clients upon request. We offer transcription services in many different languages.<br /> <p align="justify">Although any business in any industry may require document transcription, it is especially common in the legal and medical fields. Transcribing documents may be necessary for a variety of other businesses as well. There are many situations where the need for transcribed documents can arise. In the health care field, for example, patient records or a doctor’s notes on surgery often need to be transcribed. In the legal field, transcribing documents such as court proceedings is common. When it comes to other industries, our staff may transcribe text related to interviews, conference calls, training sessions, lectures, or virtually any other activity where some form of document needs to be transcribed into another form of document.
Document Transcription Services
<p align="justify">The first step in transcribing documents involves our receiving of the source document. After the transcriptionist receives the source document, he or she reviews it carefully in its entirety. Then the transcriptionist retypes the source document into whatever format is preferred by the client – a Word document, for example. Finally, the transcribed text is edited and proofread for accuracy by another professional transcriptionist.<br /> <p align="justify">Just as our translators have years of experience, so do our professional transcriptionists. Our staff is able to transcribe text with extreme accuracy and precision, no matter what industry is involved. We pay attention to the details that can make all the difference between a professionally transcribed text and one that is poorly done – details such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and the accuracy of industry-specific terminology. At MI Translations, our transcription fees are reasonable, our turnaround time is quick, and the end product is highly accurate.<br/><br>
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