Transcription Services

<p align="justify">At MI Translations, we are pleased to provide professional transcription services to our clients. Our trained, experienced staff provide professional transcription services for virtually any industry, and include the following: <p align="justify"><b>• Verbatim transcriptions</b> – When our translators provide verbatim transcriptions, they are recording spoken words exactly as they have been said by the speaker. A survey done for market research purposes would be a good example of when verbatim transcriptions are appropriate.</p><p align="justify"><b>• Edited transcriptions</b> – An edited transcription is one that captures the essence of what is spoken, but also includes edits to make the finished product appropriate for publication. A transcription of a speech intended to be published in an academic journal would be a good example of an edited transcription.</p><p align="justify"><b>• Intelligent transcriptions</b> – An intelligent transcription is one that records the spoken word but also fine tunes what the speaker is saying so that the end result reads intelligently and conveys the original intent of the speaker. This type of transcription requires a transcriptionist who thoroughly understands the topic and what the speaker is attempting to say. A medical transcription, for example, should be an intelligent transcription to ensure that the doctor’s precise meaning is conveyed.
Transcription Services
<p align="justify">Our transcription services include document transcription (transcribing from one document to another); audio transcription (transcribing from an audio file); and video transcription (transcribing from a video file). Although professional transcription services might vary slightly depending on the circumstance, generally it involves five parts: <p align="justify"> 1. An analysis of the project by our professional transcriptionists<br /> 2. Preparation of the transcription (audio or video file preparation, for example)<br /> 3. The actual transcription process (completion of the first draft of the transcription)<br /> 4. Review of the completed transcription (ensuring its accuracy when compared to the original source)<br /> 5. Final review of the transcription and delivery to the customer <br/><br /> At MI Translations, we can provide whatever transcription services your company may require – from verbatim surveys to intelligent medical transcription and much more.<br/><br>
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