Thanks to our modern digital age, almost any company can expand their brand and connect with a worldwide audience. And that is exactly what an increasing number of medical companies have done over the past several years. One of the first, most crucial steps in reaching out to people across the globe is to make sure you’re communicating in a manner they can easily understand – in other words, to quite literally speak their language. And that means focusing first on obtaining high quality translations of every sort of marketing collateral, including website content, brochures, catalogs, videos, white papers, case studies, infographics, newsletters, instructions, package inserts, blog posts, etc.

That may sound like a daunting task, and while it’s true that translating all your marketing collateral is a lot of work, it’s entirely feasible – assuming you have the right translator(s) for the job. High quality medical translations can only be produced by an experienced translator who is not only fluent in the target language, but also one who has a solid background in the medical industry and is familiar with the terminology.

Begin your search for a translator (or a team of translators, as the case may be) by contacting a reputable translation company. Explain not only your overall goals in expanding your business on a global scale, but also which countries you’d like to begin your efforts with, as well as the timeframe you have in mind and a list of the collateral you’ll need translated. Armed with that knowledge, the translation company can match your needs with the person who has the right training and experience. It’s absolutely vital to obtain the highest quality translation services possible. A poor translation is often worse than no translation at all, and the possible repercussions within the medical industry can be devastating – not only to your company, but to the people who purchase your products.

But there are other reasons why translating medical marketing collateral is so important, including the following:

You’ll be communicating with a large number of new potential customers, and that can mean a significant increase in revenue for your business.

This may sound obvious – it is, after all, the most likely reason why you want to reach a global audience to begin with. But it’s important to remember that you can’t sell your product or service to potential customers who don’t understand how they’ll benefit. Effective communication – i.e., translation services – is crucial.

You’ll be providing top notch customer support services.

Translating marketing collateral to reach out to new customers is only half the equation. You’ll also need equally high quality translations of customer support materials, including instructions, package inserts, FAQs, online help, etc.

You’ll be protecting your brand.

Which is particularly important within the medical industry. The last thing you want is someone else marketing your products overseas. By starting out with high quality translations that you oversee, you can prevent your brand from being misrepresented by other parties who have no vested interest in your success.

If you plan on expanding your medical business on a global scale anytime in the near future, right now would be an excellent time to contact a reputable translation company. Do your own vetting of the company beforehand by asking them what kind of experience they have in medical translations and which medical companies they’ve worked with in the past. Ask if they can provide native speakers with extensive translation experience within the medical field. And tell them upfront the scope of the work you need done and the deadlines for completion. Working hand-in-hand with a good translation company isn’t just a “nice-to-have” – it is the key to the success of your global expansion.