How to Manage a Successful International Email Marketing Campaign

Conducting business in the 21st century is, for many companies, a global affair. In fact, an increasing number of businesses have chosen to market their products or services worldwide. That’s not surprising considering the power of the Internet and eCommerce. If you’re planning on reaching out to a global marketplace, you should know that one of the most effective elements of any good international marketing campaign is email. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your email marketing is as successful as possible:

Find the highest quality translators available

It should go without saying that the only way to effectively reach potential customers in other parts of the globe is to communicate with them clearly. And that means utilizing the services of highly qualified, experienced translators – preferably native speakers. Not only can you rest assured that a native speaker will be fluent in the target language; a native speaker will also be intimately familiar with different dialects and the subtle nuances of the language. Consider, for example, the difference between reaching out to customers in Quebec, Canada and Paris, France. The two forms of the same language differ greatly. They may all speak French, but that’s where the similarities end. Native speakers will understand the difference.

Be sensitive to the culture, politics and even religious views of the target audience

If you’ve lived inside the U.S. for most of your life, it’s easy to forget how people from other regions of the world are culturally different, but they are – sometimes vastly so. Once again, a native speaker with an in-depth knowledge of the target audience will understand how to make sure your emails are appropriate and relatable to the potential customers you’re trying to reach. This includes images and graphics as well, some of which might be entirely acceptable in this country but offensive in another part of the world. That’s called “localization,” and it’s a crucial part of any international marketing campaign.

Be certain that your emails are easily viewed and accessed on mobile devices

We’re not the only people who are crazy about their smart phones. The popularity of mobile devices is a worldwide phenomenon, which means that many of your potential customers will be reading emails on a smart phone. Make sure that your emails are easily open and readable by these customers, and that includes any graphics or images that may be part of the email.

Make sure you comply with the laws and guidelines of the target region

Email regulations differ from one country to the next. In many cases, sending out unsolicited emails is a risky proposition. Some countries will not hesitate to dole out hefty fines to companies sending out emails that aren’t requested by the consumer. Most countries require that you provide an “opt-out” option in the email as well, and that you comply with the recipient’s request when they ask to be removed from your email list. You should be aware that if you fail to comply with laws and regulations, you put your company at risk. The first step in a successful international email marketing campaign is to find a professional translator (preferably a native speaker) who understands the language and the culture of your target audience. Although there are plenty of freelance translators available for a fee, it’s hard to know what their level of knowledge and expertise really is. That’s why turning to a reputable translation company is the best way to begin. Any good translation company employs a staff of highly qualified, experienced linguists. They will do the vetting for you, and then match you up with the best translator to suit your needs.