Technical Translations

<p align="justify">The technical industry encompasses a wide range of different companies: from software developers to IT service providers to industrial manufacturers and more. Within this broad category of companies, virtually all of them require some form of technical translation services. High quality technical translation is more important than the average person might realize at first and reaches far beyond the boundaries of companies within this industry. Who among us has not had the experience of trying to assemble a newly purchased product, only to be frustrated with instructions that are poorly translated and impossible to follow? High quality user manual translations are only a part of the services we provide to the technical and manufacturing industry.
Technical Translations
<p align="justify">At MI Translations, our trained, experienced linguists have years of experiences in translating training and user manuals, technical bulletins, and a wide range of document translations related to companies in the technical field. Our technical translation services extend to virtually every document type in this industry, including:
• Product specifications<br /> • Product catalogs<br /> • Product labeling and packaging<br /> • Professional articles<br /> • Service and maintenance manuals<br /> • User manuals<br /> • Training materials<br /> • Health and safety regulations<br /> • Feasibility studies<br /> • Material Safety Data Sheets<br /> • Policy manuals<br /> • Operating instructions<br /> • Technical bulletins
<p align="justify">Within the technical industry, it’s extremely important that your document translations communicate not only with your own employees, but with regulatory agencies and your customers as well.<p align="justify"> At MI Translations, we understand your business and the technical translation needs that go along with it. We have years of experience in this field, and our team includes experts in technical document translations.
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