Medical Translations

<p align="justify">Accurate, precise medical translation services are an absolute necessity in the medical/life sciences industry. In fact, the negative consequences of inaccurate translations can be catastrophic – not only for the pharmaceutical company or medical provider, but for the patient as well.<p align="justify">Consider what might happen if you hire an inexperienced linguist unable to translate medical documents. Imagine a testing laboratory attempting to test a new cancer drug, but whose lab personnel can’t understand the instruction manual for the lab equipment.  Consider the consequences that arise if a regulatory agency isn’t able to understand the patent paperwork submitted for a new life-saving drug. Many times, regulations actually mandate that information and directions accompanying pharmaceuticals and medical devices be translated before they can be sold. These medical translations are absolutely vital for the pharmaceutical companies producing the products, the medical professionals administering them, as well as the patients using the drugs or receiving the devices. That’s why it’s so important to secure the services of professional linguists with experience in this industry.
Medical Translation Services
<p align="justify">At MI Translations, we translate medical documents related to clinical trials, as well as user manuals for medical/life science devices, promotional literature, patent paperwork, and a multitude of other documentation related to the medical/life sciences field.<p align="justify">The professional linguists at MI Translations offer medical translations for a variety of fields and categories within the industry, with particular expertise in the following.<p align="justify"> <h3>Pharmaceuticals</h3> <p align="justify">Accurate translations are critically important within the pharmaceutical industry. From package labeling to FDA submission paperwork to product disclaimers and cautionary notes to the consumer, pharmaceutical companies depend on precise translations of information related to the products they produce.<p align="justify"> <h3>Health Care</h3> <p align="justify">The health care industry provides services to a wide variety of people who speak different languages, so it’s obvious that accurate translation of health care directives for patients is vital in this highly regulated field. Ensuring that patients understand what their health care providers are communicating to them is not only important to the patient’s health, but to the health care professionals as well -- those whose reputations and legal liability may hinge on their patients’ understanding.<p align="justify"> <h3>Medical Devices</h3> <p align="justify">Medical technology has expanded to a remarkable extent over the past several decades. Now, in the 21st century, medical devices are more and more common. From pacemakers to blood pressure cuffs and much more, medical professionals rely on devices each and every day – not to mention the patients whose health may depend on them. Accurate translations of instructions and other accompanying information is absolutely necessary to ensure that these devices are used appropriately.<p align="justify"> <h3>Clinical Research/Lab Tests</h3> <p align="justify">We are fortunate to live in an age where medical science is constantly finding new cures and treatments for diseases. These advancements come due to clinical research and extensive lab testing. Translations play a critical role in ensuring that test results are accurately presented, whether through professional reports or articles.<br/><br>
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