<p align="justify">Among all the industries that are truly global in nature, perhaps none is so consistently present in virtually every country around the world as the manufacturing/engineering industry. The practice of taking raw materials and converting them into a finished product has been around for centuries. Today, in the 21st century when so many manufacturing companies are selling their products worldwide, accurate and precise document translations are more important than ever before.<p align="justify">The professional translators at MI Translations have years of experience in both manufacturing translation and engineering translation. We understand that when it comes to technical document translations, the only thing worse than no translation is poor or inaccurate translation. If you don’t communicate clearly to your customers and employees, it can mean the difference between your company’s success and failure. Fortunately, our linguists have strong backgrounds in this industry, and in particular in the following fields.
Engineering Translations
<h3>Automotive</h3> <p align="justify">In this competitive and often highly regulated field, accurate document translations are an absolute must. Our professional translators can provide exceptional manufacturing translation services for virtually any type of documentation related to the automotive industry, including the following.
<li>Website content</li><li>Brochures and other marketing materials</li><li>Manufacturing and engineering articles</li><li>Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)</li><li>Product specifications</li><li>Service, maintenance and policy manuals</li><li>Assembly line instructions</li>
<h3>Aerospace</h3> <p align="justify">Precise and accurate translation services are vital within the aerospace industry, and often play a role in ensuring the safety of people. At MI Translations, we take that task very seriously indeed. Whether your company is involved in aircraft manufacturing, the space industry, guided missiles, or parts manufacturing to support one of these areas, our linguists can provide excellent manufacturing translation services for a variety of documents:
<li>Feasibility studies</li><li>Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)</li><li>Patents and patent applications</li><li>Product specifications</li><li>Regulatory documentation</li><li>Service, maintenance and policy Manuals</li><li>Assembly line instructions</li><li>Website content</li>
<h3>Chemicals</h3> <p align="justify">One of the most technically challenging fields to provide translation services for is the chemical industry. This sector requires experienced, knowledgeable, highly accurate translation services. Fortunately, MI Translations employs linguists with specific experience within the chemical field. Our professional linguists have background in translating a variety of documents common to the chemical industry, such as:
<li>Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)</li><li>Product patent paperwork</li><li>Product specifications</li><li>Product catalogs</li><li>Promotional and marketing material</li><li>Toxicology and deviation reports</li><li>Website content</li>
<h3>Electronics</h3> <p align="justify">The complex electronics field also relies on accurate, high quality translation services. This huge segment of the manufacturing/engineering industry provides a wide variety of parts and products designed to support the technological age in which we live. No matter what portion of the electronics arena your company falls within, our linguists have experience in engineering translation of documents that are typically associated with this field, including:
<li>Patent application paperwork</li><li>Product specifications</li><li>Product labeling and packaging</li><li>Product catalogs</li><li>Brochures and other promotional material</li><li>Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)</li><li>Service, maintenance and user manuals</li><li>Website content</li>
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