Legal Translation

<p align="justify">One of the industries in which translation plays a particularly important role is the legal field. It is absolutely crucial that law firms secure the services of experienced, trained linguists who are able to translate legal documents with the highest level of accuracy possible. This type of legal translation requires an extensive background in this field and a strong understanding and familiarity with legal terminology. That is the caliber of legal translation services that MI Translations offers to our clients within the legal profession. <p align="justify">Our linguists provide accurate translations for virtually every type of document in the legal field, including (but not limited to):
<li>Legal correspondence</li><li>Depositions</li> <li>Court and trial transcripts</li> <li>Litigation documents</li> <li>Arbitration documents</li>
Legal Translation Services
<p align="justify">At MI Translations, our experienced linguists provide accurate translations to all areas of the legal profession, with particular expertise in the following areas:<p align="justify"> <h3>Contract Law</h3> <p align="justify">This area of the legal profession deals with oral and written agreements. Legal translation services are of particular importance when contracts exist between parties located in different countries or those located within the same country but with different native languages. Similar to other areas of the legal profession, familiarity with the terminology used in contract law is necessary to provide excellent translations.<p align="justify"> <h3>Patents</h3> <p align="justify">Trademark and copyright attorneys often rely on high quality patent translations to ensure that they provide the best legal services possible for their clients. The linguists at MI Translations have years of experience in this dynamic field of law. <p align="justify"> <h3>International Law</h3> <p align="justify">It might go without saying that legal translation is crucial in the field of international law, where most of the time the parties involved speak different languages. Once again, familiarity with legal terminology is vital in the ability to translate legal documents precisely and accurately.<p align="justify"> <h3>Immigration Law</h3> <p align="justify">Immigration lawyers depend on accurate translations when working with clients going through the naturalization process, as well as asylum seekers, refugees and others.<p align="justify"><h3>Corporate Law</h3> <p align="justify">Corporate lawyers often deal with the legalities involved in acquisitions, mergers, company reorganizations and other issues within the corporate world. Our translators have provided exceptional translations to professionals within this field.<br/></br>
<center><i> For more information about the legal translation services provided by MI Translations, contact us today. </i></center><br/>
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