Education Translations

<p align="justify">MI Translations is pleased to provide education translation services to a wide range of educational institutions. Whether your organization is a brick-and-mortar institution or an online school, our experienced linguists can provide the academic translation necessary for you to optimize your teaching opportunities. Whether you require education translations for ESL (English as a second language) students, or to provide multilingual educational opportunities for your students, finding the highest quality translation services is an absolute must for teachers and administrators, not to mention your student body.<p align="justify">There are a variety of educational facilities and programs that require education translation services, including:
• Elementary schools<br /> • Secondary schools<br /> • Colleges and universities<br /> • e-Learning and training websites<br /> • Online K through 12 sites<br /> • Online universities<br /> • Educational publishers and software developers
Education Translations
<p align="justify">Our trained linguists have years of experience in academic translation, much of which has focused on the following areas.<p align="justify"><h3>Elementary Education</h3> <p align="justify">Whether you are with a public or private institution, accurate education translations are of particular importance in the formative young years of a child’s life. Many of our translators have extensive background in translating a variety of learning materials for elementary education.</p align="justify"> <p align="justify"><h3>Higher Education</h3> <p align="justify">One of the keys to providing excellent educational opportunities to students – not to mention operating a successful institute for higher learning – is to provide multilingual educational opportunities for colleges and universities. Our qualified translators understand the importance of academic translation in higher education and bring years of background in this field to our clients.</p align="justify"> <p align="justify"><h3>E-Learning</h3> <p align="justify">One of the fastest-growing segments of the education industry is online learning. From sites that provide assistance to parents who are home-schooling their children to K-12 alternative schools to online universities, the e-Learning industry is growing exponentially every year. Our linguists have provided education translations for a variety of organizations in this rapidly growing field.</p align="justify"> <br/><p>The variety of materials requiring education translation services is nearly as broad as the types of institutions using them. Some of these materials include:
• Textbooks and similar educational materials<br /> • Educational websites<br /> • Exams and tests<br /> • Diplomas<br /> • Teachers’ guides<br /> • Forms for parents<br /> • Pamphlets and marketing materials<br /> • Special education materials<br /> • Student handbooks<br /> • Admissions documents and applications<br />
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